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Commercial kitchen Ceiling Cleaning – kitchen Wall Cleaning Services

Does your kitchen wall look yellowed and unsightly? Do you cringe when you look at your kitchen ceiling? We can understand, commercial kitchens are the busiest environments to work in. being in constant use, there is never enough time to deep clean kitchen walls and ceilings. 3600 Floor cleaning Services provides commercial kitchen ceiling and wall cleaning services that is a lot less expensive yet, a lot more effective. We use proprietary chemical solutions that let you get rid of years’ worth of stuck on grease on the walls and ceilings and restore it to its former pristine condition.​

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We offer professional kitchen deep cleaning services that will transform the way your kitchen looks overnight. The walls and ceilings of your kitchen occupy a major portion of your (and your customer’s) field of view. Mouldy, filthy and unhygienic ceilings subconsciously cause you to assume the rest of the kitchen to be untidy as well, not to mention the skeptical gazes of the food/health inspectors’ on their surprise visits. Save yourself from the great scrutiny from your customers as well as the food inspection department and hire commercial kitchen wall cleaning services.

Our Promise

360 degrees adapts a specialized approach to commercial kitchen ceiling cleaning, hence the name ‘3600‘. A lot of cleaning services just ‘clean’ on the basis of how neat the area looks. 3600 on the other hand goes an extra mile with cleansing and disinfecting the area to keep it germ and infection free. This is the reason why a lot of commercial businesses choose 3600 for commercial kitchen ceiling and wall cleaning.

If you have a place that did not make to the list, do not worry, call us now and we will not just clean it for you, we will 360-clean.