What Is a Coronavirus Pandemic?


Coronavirus is a family of viruses that cause respiratory diseases like SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). This has been the previously known virus that has contaminated the world in the past. The new virus, known as “the Coronavirus” or COVID-19 is another kind that has recently taken over the entire world.

There is currently no cure to COVID-19 and the only way the transmission has been prevented is though disinfection of places and washing hands.

How Is Coronavirus Transmitted to People?

COVID-19 spreads through contaminated respiratory droplets from the infected person. This means it can be transmitted through coughing, sneezing, or even touching different surfaces that may be contaminated and later infect anyone who comes in contact.

Why Is There a Need for Decontamination?

Coronavirus decontamination is important to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The virus seeks a human body as a host to live in, which means that the primary way to avoid acquiring the virus is through preventive measures. Since it has been established that the world is still finding a cure for it, the risks of infection and health deterioration are greater.

Other than washing or sanitizing hands and social distancing, infectious disease cleaning is an essential precaution that needs to be taken to minimize the spread of the virus. Commercial disinfection services provide thorough decontamination of places and surfaces that may bear the risk of virus transmission.

How Does Decontamination Work to Prevent COVID-19?

The best way to cater to the need of countering the current health crisis is by decontamination or disinfection. There is no vaccine and very little medical experience to fight the infection in the human body.

Decontamination services consist of different sterilizers, germ killers, and electrostatic technology that kills the virus on different surfaces. This may include cleaning of the floors, doorknobs, and any such place more likely to be contaminated.

This, however, is no task for an ordinary person as it increases the exposure to the virus. Experts are hired to take care of this job where they are well trained to decontaminate any place or surface.

How Can 360 Floor Cleaning and Disinfection Services Help?

With our state of the art electrostatic disinfection technology, we are well equipped to help you secure your surroundings. We train our staff to be experts in their jobs, where they can take care of your house, office, or even a market area.

We specialize in floor cleanings and disinfection services. Our aim to ensure the safety of our clients as well as our staff, which means we are open to any of the concerns about acquiring an infection or having queries regarding our efficiency. 360 Floor Cleaning and Disinfection Services provides the staff with strong sterilizers and germ killers with a success rate of 99%.

Why You May Need Our Services in XYZ City?

Georgia is faced with 936 corona patients as of April 22, 2020. A total of 21,102 patients have been fighting the battle where 846 lost their lives to it. With the total number of patients increasing every day, it is crucially important to handle the situation with strict precautionary and preventive measures. 360 Floor Cleaning and Disinfection Services offers all the details you need to know on our website. Protect your community, and play your part in fighting Corona.s