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360 Floor Cleaning and Disinfection Services offers state-of-the-art expert level disinfecting services. In order to meet your particular workplace needs, 360 Floor Cleaning and Disinfection Services offers infectious disease cleaning, coronavirus deep cleaning and coronavirus cleaning services. Using the hospital-category chemicals coupled with electrostatic and electric equipment, techniques of deep cleansing with micro-fibers which are color-coded, wipe down of high-touch areas, 360 Floor Cleaning and Disinfection Services is able to assist you in producing a safe atmosphere for your clients, customers and employees, here at Milton, Georgia.

All these retail disinfection services are utilized in daycares, production facilities, workplaces, restaurants, schools, bars and gyms, warehouses, hospitals and medical offices, retail, and other such vital services. Expert coronavirus disinfection services are optimal for high-trade businesses or those who offer supplies to delicate communities like hospitals, medical offices and clinics. Prevent the expansion of coronavirus, fungus, flus and colds, bacteria and viruses all year round and inspect about the one-time specific or persistent retail disinfection services.

A thorough awareness of the coronavirus is required in order to be successfully able to decontaminate and disinfect a building which has recently faced an outbreak of the virus. This new variety of coronavirus is currently still being studied about its mode of transmission and best decontamination and disinfection methods. Knowledge about COVID-19 helps us to utilize better chemicals, build better rules and regulations for coronavirus decontamination and disinfection, and enables us to understand in a better way, the requirements for quarantine, which would help eventually result in more successful decontaminations and help avoid contamination at the first step.

Disinfection: An assured service

Disinfection and cleaning are an important practice for the building managers to make the coronavirus contaminated areas safe and to rapidly bring it back to the normal usage. Our experts at 360 Floor Cleaning and Disinfection services have state of the art products and the tools and the techniques to disinfect spaces in order to make them secure and to return them to everyday usage as soon as possible.

Once finished, you can ensure that disinfecting and cleaning have been performed utilizing approved tools, safety methods and products which are submissive with the safety regulations. The report of completion can enable you in reassuring your clients, staff, customers and visitors that your workplace premises is safe, all over again. The ongoing cleansing practices helps provides further quality reassurance that the facility managers are managing the high hygiene guidelines in their places.


The process of the decontamination procedure, cleaning, protection of personal equipment and other respective items will differ formulated on the guidance given by health authorities and the type of project. The moving stages of the project should be finished in the following manner:

  • Switch off the HVAC and seal the ducting
  • Cleansing of the HVAC and the complete duct system
  • Contaminated areas should be thoroughly cleaned
  • The equipment should be set to manage the ambient conditions
  • Setting Warm, Cold and Hot contamination areas and securing the property
  • Disinfection of the contaminated places
  • Testing the spaces which have been cleared

Our Disinfection Services
KILLS 99.9% of The Coronavirus and harmful bacteria
We Use State-of-The-Art Technology Electrostatic Technology and
Hospital Grade Disinfectants To Create a Safer, Healthier Environment
ur Sanitizing & Disinfection Service has been scientifically proven in universities and independent laboratory studies to Kill 99.9% of virus and harmful bacteria.

We Handle all types of commercial Disinfection Services including:

Disinfecting services for Commercial Business, Milton,GA
Disinfecting services for Residential Homes, Milton,GA
Disinfecting Services for industrial plants, Milton,GA
Disinfecting services for Warehouses, Milton,GA
Disinfecting services for Manufacturing, Milton,GA
Disinfecting services Car Dealerships, Milton,GA

We use the latest CDC and Government guidelines, and are adequately equipped to handle your facility.

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