Coronavirus Pandemic – A Global Health Crisis and Its Impact:

Even though the coronavirus has been existing before it was declared as a pandemic, it has not been a threat before as it currently is. Thousands of people all across the world have been affected and died fighting the battle with the disease. As of April 23, 2020, a total of 2,639,243 coronavirus cases have been identified as positive, where 183,820 have been reported dead.

The virus known as COVID-19 originated from Wuhan, China. COVID-19 is a part of a bigger family of viruses where only some of them affect humans. Initially, the world identified SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), however, the currently existing type of virus is known as “the Coronavirus”. This respiratory disease is much more life-threatening than the previous types of virus and has wreaked chaos and paranoia among the people of the world.

The Spread and Contamination of Coronavirus:

The spread of COVID-19 is faster and unpredictable. Primarily, the virus strives inside the human body and is spread through respiratory droplets. However, there are different ways that these contaminated droplets can be transmitted from person to person. Coughing or sneezing from an infected person, and contaminated surfaces can cause the virus to infect those who come in contact with these sources.

How to Prevent COVID-19 Transmission?

Coronavirus needs a human body as a host to survive. It does not last for long on material surfaces and can be killed by coronavirus decontamination. This means, washing your hands, using sanitizers, decontaminating places, and surfaces.

However, expert training is required to carry out infectious disease cleaning. It is hence advised to hire companies to carry out the process as it is a risk for the health.

360 Floor Cleaning and Disinfection Services:

Commercial disinfection services help with decontaminating your surroundings, be it your home, office, or a public place like markets.

Our company provides effective decontamination services with a team of experts dedicated to ensuring the safety of places to reduce the risk of acquiring the virus. Here is what you need to know when choosing our services:

  • A team of experts, well-trained and dedicated toward carrying out their jobs is assigned to provide doorstep services
  • We are willing to address all of your concerns and prove your reasons to trust us with your safety and of those around you
  • Your feedback is important for us as it helps us improve our services and prevent the risk of any infection in case of both our clients and staff
  • Our sterilizers and germ killers hold a strong capacity to get rid of the virus with a success rate of 99%
  • We have state of the art, electrostatic disinfection technology kills the virus in a span of 30 seconds, ensuring faster safety of you and your surroundings


How Can Our Services Benefit the People of Mountain Park City?

Georgia has been identified with 936 new cases on April 22, 2020. A total of 21,102 cases exist and 846 people have lost their lives. Disinfection services are important to reduce the spread of the virus and protect the people who may be vulnerable to its exposure. Contact us at 4040-991-8895 to use our facilities.

Our Disinfection Services

KILLS 99.9% of The Coronavirus and harmful bacteria
We Use State-of-The-Art Technology Electrostatic Technology and
Hospital Grade Disinfectants To Create a Safer, Healthier Environment
ur Sanitizing & Disinfection Service has been scientifically proven in universities and independent laboratory studies to Kill 99.9% of virus and harmful bacteria.

We Handle all types of commercial Disinfection Services including:

Disinfecting services for Commercial Business, Mountain Park,GA
Disinfecting services for Residential Homes, Mountain Park,GA
Disinfecting Services for industrial plants, Mountain Park,GA
Disinfecting services for Warehouses, Mountain Park,GA
Disinfecting services for Manufacturing, Mountain Park,GA
Disinfecting services Car Dealerships, Mountain Park,GA

We use the latest CDC and Government guidelines, and are adequately equipped to handle your facility.

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