Coronavirus Cleaning Services -Disinfection Services IN PONCEY-HIGHLAND, ATLANTA, GEORGIA


Do you live in Poncey-Highland, Atlanta,Georgia? Are you fearful of the same pandemic that’s destroying millions of lives? Do you need guidance on how to prevent the deadly Corona virus from spreading to your area, or worse, your home, school or office? That would put everyone you love at risk, so what can you do? First, you need to know what the Coronavirus actually is and how it spreads before you understand what measures you need to take against this virus to safeguard yourself and your loved ones from the harmful Corona pathogen.


The Coronavirus is an old virus that’s mutated that moves fast and so far it’s Ro (the number of people an infected person can infect) is 2.2 on average, so it’s definitely a threat. The fact that it spreads so fast is because it spreads through human contact. Millions of people in each nation all over the world meet each other everyday (even though everyone is still on lockdown) and if an infected person passes on any form of the medium the virus spreads in (sneeze and cough droplets) through a handshake or hug or if the infected person touches any commonly touched surface with the droplets on their hands, and if those droplets are passed onto the mouth, eyes or nose of the other person, the chances of that person being infected are very high. The governments and their healthcare systems all over the world are struggling to quarantine all of the known and unknown people who’ve had contact with the infected people, something which is very much a challenge, if not completely impossible.

So, moving on to what it does to your system, the Covid-19 virus is basically a respiratory virus that inhibits your respiratory system, making it extremely hard, and sometimes impossible, for you to breathe as it blocks the lung’s airways, making people struggle to breathe. Other symptoms are high fever, dry coughs and extreme weakness. It breaks down your body and its survival rate, although not that low for youth, is very low for the elder population.


Experts on the Corona Pandemic are advising people that their best chances of avoiding being infected by the harmful virus is to put a lot of emphasis on cleanliness and disinfection. A clean and disinfected place will really prevent the virus from spreading to your place. All surfaces should be properly cleaned, helping remove all harmful pathogens, or at least most of them. That’s where our services focus on.


We are an effective and efficient certified Cleaning and Disinfection Services company based in  Poncey-highland, Atlanta, Georgia, with our aim being eradication of all dangerous and harmful bacteria and viruses. Our team of highly trained experts combined with our state of the art technology make for a very thorough and effective cleansing and disinfection of your school, house office etc, removing every pathogen that might cause you and others any harm or discomfort. Our services are quick and very light on the pocket as we understand that all human beings deserve a clean and healthy environment.


You can contact through our contact form on our website to get a call back from one of our representatives, or you can call us at 404-991-8895. We look forward to working with you to make this world a clean, healthy and safer plac