Coronavirus Cleaning Services-Disinfecting Services in Stone Mountain, GA

We are facing the greatest challenge of a pandemic nowadays which has gotten everyone on their toes. Even the most developed and advanced countries are struggling with coping up with the needs of medical facilities. Coronavirus affects the lungs of a person and causes respiratory distress and may even cause death if not treated on time. It started from Wuhan, China and it is assumed that it has spread from bats. The early symptoms include fever, flu, headache, body ache, and difficulty in breathing.

Experts have said that we all have to play our roles by taking precautionary measures in stopping the spread of disease and will have to stay united during these trying times. The most important point on which doctors are emphasizing the most is disinfecting of your surroundings because there is a lot of risk with the possibility of the presence of virus anywhere on any surface.

Why Disinfection important?

This virus spreads from the respiratory droplets of an infected person. When an infected person coughs or sneeze these droplets, coming out the mouth of the person may stay in the air for a couple of hours or fall on any surface and the virus can be easily transmitted to another person if he or she breathes int that air or touches that surface and touches their face or eyes later. Hence, disinfection is needed of your surroundings to stay safe and secure

360-floor Cleaning Services-Disinfecting Services

Understanding the need of hour, 360-floor Cleaning Services has brought a service for helping our people out. We will disinfect your homes, offices, workplace, schools, restaurants, etc. professionally, so you stay safe. The only thing you have to do is book our services and our experts will reach out to you and provide you the best possible services. Our main focus remains disinfection of the key touchpoints, through which Coronavirus can easily be transmitted from one person to another.

In schools, offices, hotels, transport, hospitals, and shopping areas there are quite a lot of key touchpoints that people normally share, which includes:

  • Cashpoint
  • Petrol pumps
  • Doorknobs
  • Kitchen surfaces
  • Dining surfaces
  • Bus stands
  • Basket and trollies in the supermarket

You all also must be careful while making a contact with any of these points

How do we work

We use the recommended chemicals, sterilizers, cleaners to disinfect the place. Initially, a spray of medically approved chemicals is done all over the place to kill all the pathogens in the air. Afterward, deep cleaning of surfaces all around is done with authentic sanitizers. The ducts systems are thoroughly cleaned and all the contaminated areas are cleaned with the disinfection process i.e. warm, cold or hot required there keeping in mind the security of the property. After cleaning, all the surfaces are tested.

Why Us

We are distinguished from others because of the use of authentic medical approved chemicals, our expert level staff, the use of advanced electrostatic technology, our affordable prices, and lastly our fast service. So, book our service now!

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Book our services by just calling on the number below or filling the online form and don’t forget to give your feedback after availing our services.

Our Disinfection Services KILLS 99.9% of The Coronavirus and harmful bacteria. We Use State-of-The-Art Technology Electrostatic Technology and Hospital Grade Disinfectants to Create a Safer, Healthier Environment. Our Sanitizing & Disinfection Service has been scientifically proven in universities and independent laboratory studies to Kill 99.9% of viruses and harmful bacteria.

We handle all types of commercial Disinfection Services including:

Disinfecting services for Commercial Business, Stone Mountain, GA
Disinfecting services for Residential Homes, Stone Mountain, GA
Disinfecting Services for industrial plants, Stone Mountain, GA
Disinfecting services for Warehouses, Stone Mountain, GA
Disinfecting services for Manufacturing, Stone Mountain, GA
Disinfecting services Car Dealerships, Stone Mountain, GA

We use the latest CDC and Government guidelines, and are adequately equipped to handle your facility.

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