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Disinfecting Services for Industrial Plants

We are striving to be the best COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak Disinfection Services in Atlanta GA and we provide sterilized Industrial equipment. We have complete sanitizing, disinfection and coronavirus prevention services for your industry. We work on the equipment and in most locations, there are chances of Coronavirus (COVID-19) infections. 360 Floor Cleaning Services are coronavirus disinfection services to make your industry get into an ideal shape with a sterile environment and healthy conditions.

We are looking for the best way to eliminate microorganisms through sterilization that cause infectious diseases and odors. A germ-free working facility is a correct and ideal way to earn a healthy environment, the energy level and productivity of the industry improves after we carry out desterilization. We do not charge a large amount for the disinfectants and you can get our services through an affordable package. We are the ideal Sterilization Services for facilities across Atlanta, GA.

Our vast experience in disinfection services provides us a lead over our competitors. Our long-term experience in the field of disinfection and reputation makes us act as a shield against unhealthy environments. Apart from disinfection and sanitization, we provide full protection against infections at your facility.


Why choose us?

  • Result-oriented solutions: We have an array of modern resources to provide complete decontamination and sterilization services.

  • We have ideal standards in this industry.

Our services are for removing the effects of Coronavirus in places that have a large number of employees. It is also sprayed with the disinfectant to sterilize the more vulnerable places in industries that produce food items or kitchenware for example. These are the places viruses spread faster.

  • Fast: Our antimicrobial treatments are efficient, reliable and deliver results immediately. Our deep cleaning technicians use technologically advanced equipment that ensure minimal downtime at your factory or industry.

  • The use of contamination services is done in the research industry, for a clean room as well as the pharmaceutical industry with improved sterilization and contamination with use of our disinfecting Services.

Low Disinfecting Prices Pharmaceutical and Decontamination Services

This is an industry that makes medication to cure those who are ill or injured. So, we carry out the disinfection application services to get a clean and safe environment and make the working area harmless. We use the decontamination and sterilization services to make your Industrial environment safe for operation. It also includes coronavirus prevention services for the latest spread of virus in the Industrial environment. Looking for the best solution, we provide decontamination for the home and we are serious to work for you.

Commercial and Residential Spray Services Provided to Clients

These are the facilities in the Industry where you need to keep a safe and saline environment with no contamination and sterilization to strive for the best production facility and machinery and produce faster. We also have electrostatic disinfection services which is possible through Electrostatic Disinfecting Technology. Making use of our expertise improves your working environment as we will do all we can to help our clients. If you need our Industrial Facility services call us at 404-991-8895 and we will respond immediately.


Services We Offer

Disinfecting and Sterilizing Services We Offer:

  • Industrial Locations. 
  • Coronavirus Prevention Services.
  • Coronavirus Disinfection Service.
  • Decontamination and Sterilization Services of most Industrial Facilities.
  • Disinfecting Services.
  • Commercial Spray Services.

Some of the Areas we Target include:

  • Coronavirus prevention services for Equipment, especially machines and labor infested areas for working people.
  • Disinfecting services for washrooms and changing areas.
  • Prevention from the Spread of Coronavirus COVID 19.
  • Disinfecting Services for Waiting Areas.
  • Disinfecting Services for Administration Offices and Furniture.

Cleanroom & Critical Coronavirus Disinfection Services

The use of Bacteria, Fungi and virus sterilization gets rooms and machinery areas in the Industry cleaned quickly and fast. When you need complete sterilization, you can always use coronavirus disinfection services to get the environment in optimal condition. It is a process which includes virus disinfection services that we have for your Industries safety and success.

Laboratory and Research Industry

Striving to be the best cleaning and contamination services we provide it to those who want to carry out their work in a clean location. Our purpose is to get rid of virus, fungi, and bacteria through our services that quickly clean the location for people who want to work there.disinfection services that we have for your Industries safety and success.


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