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The Preferred Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services in Metro Atlanta, GA

The Benefits Of Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaning and Refinishing Services

Hardwood floors are beautiful and a great asset. If you run or manage an organization, then you want your hardwood floors to live up to their stunning potential and look the very best they can. With 360 Floor Cleaning and Polishing Services, they can. Choose us today to bring your hardwood flooring back to life with our state-of-the-art refinishing services in the Atlanta metro area. ​

Who Can Benefit From Hardwood Refinishing Services?

Dozens of organizations and businesses use hardwood flooring every day. As such, they can all benefit from the improvement gained from refinishing hardwood floor surfaces.

Food and beverage

Bring a sense of class and elegance to your food or beverage establishment and impress your guests

Commercial buildings

Impress new hires and clients alike with a freshly refinished hardwood floor.

Retail stores

Market your merchandise in the best environment possible, with beautiful flooring to complement your wares.


Create your very own show floor, ideal for enhancing supplier relations.

Extend The Life Of Your Hardwood Floors

Being a natural product, hardwood floors are prone to degradation. Over time, wood can lose its quality as water, bacteria, and other contaminants move in and start to break it down.

Refinishing, however, can keep this process at bay, protecting your hardwood floor from degrading and extending its life, almost indefinitely. Many people choose hardwood floor refinishing and hardwood floor cleaning to ensure that the hardwood floors in their organization continue to provide value to both themselves and their clients. Hardwood floors are a great asset and must be protected.

Upgrade Appearance

Hardwood floors can look great, but only if they are refinished. Over time, wear and tear can remove previous finishes, exposing flooring to the elements and making it look tired. Refinishing your flooring not only protects it but also improves its appearance, helping to show off the beautiful grain.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

No organization wants to spend precious resources protecting and maintaining its flooring. But with floor refinishing services from 360 Floor Cleaning and Polishing Services, you won’t have to. Our hardwood refinishing services last for many years and reduce the likelihood that you’ll have to carry out expensive maintenance procedures in the future, including replacing sections of wood.

Reduced Risk

Trying to refinish hardwood flooring yourself is a tricky business. Always trust professionals like us to carry out these complex tasks, ensuring that both you, your staff, and your existing hardwood flooring remain safe.

Invest In The Future Of Your Organisation

Hardwood floors are incredible assets and not cheap to replace if they become damaged or worn. With our refinishing services, you can put your hardwood floors to good use to help sell your products, entice new clients, or impress parents.

Choose 360 Floor Cleaning And Polishing For Hardwood Refinishing ​

Are you an organization operating in the greater Atlanta area, Georgia? Do your hardwood floors look a little tired? Could they benefit from our refinishing services?

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