Removing Tire Marks

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Removing Tire Marks from Warehouse Concrete | 360 Flooring Provides a Concrete Solution For Removing Tire Marks

Most new warehouses are constructed with a burnished concrete floor finish. This is achieved by using the helicopter trowels extensively on the concrete once it has been poured which brings the moisture to the surface leaving a very smooth shiny finish.

These floors are often great to clean with this finish for dirt and dust, however because of their shiny finish, they can cause forklifts to slip and spin their wheels leaving a rubber tyre mark on the concrete.

Depending on the amount of heat generated in the wheel spin and the weight on the forklift, the rubber deposit left behind can be deep inside the pores of the concrete surface.

We can clean your tire marks in

  • Warehouses
  • Schools Garages
  • Churches
  • Post-Construction Sites
  • Showroom Area’s
  • Parking Lots
  • Banks Parking Lots
  • Country Clubs
  • Commercial
  • Restaurant Lots
Removing Tire Marks

What Causes Tire Marks?

Tire marks are basically pieces of rubber that get ground into the surface. Tires are made of plasticizers which contain different polymer compounds that make rubber tires more flexible. The plasticizers in tires serve many valuable purposes, they help tires to provide traction on the road, and keep them more pliable and flexible in cold weather.

When these plasticizers heat up, however, from driving on the road or from the hot weather, they tend to reach out and leave black rubber marks all over your garage floors or driveway. This can also happen when your car sits for a long time in one position. This is called plasticizer migration and is even more noticeable with higher quality tires as opposed to the low budget variations, as higher quality tires typically have a higher concentration of plasticizers.

We offer a full suite of top of the line and quality cleaning services with 100 percent customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Tire Marks

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