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Restroom Cleaning Service – Commercial Restroom Sanitizing

Traditional Restroom cleaning methods and tools are often less adequate than you think, spreading germs all over rather than eliminating these deadly viruses and bacteria. As the restrooms are one of the most frequently used area in any residence, office, schools or workplaces, it makes it an absolute necessity to keep these facilities clean by hiring a reliable Commercial Restroom cleaning service. 3600 is one of the best restroom cleaning services in Atlanta. Our restroom deep cleaning service roots out even the most hidden fissures and crevices where harmful organisms reside and immediately clean, sanitize and disinfect the area. ​

It’s not just a restroom for us!

A restroom is as much a part of your workplace as any other room. So why not hire a commercial restroom cleaning and sanitizing service for its upkeep and maintenance. 360 dedicatedly cares to provide restroom deep cleaning services to ensure its spick n span condition.

Not just clean, 360 Clean

Even if it appears clean, your restroom still harbors dangerous bacteria. You may not know this but every time you flush your toilet, millions of water particles are ejected in to the air building up on the glass, porcelain, marble, plastic and many other surfaces, growing and multiplying over time secretly causing infections and diseases. 360 follows the conviction of sanitizing and deep cleaning every corner and surface of your restroom and taking out every deadly pathogen trapped inside even the most deep corner and crevices.

What we clean

We ‘360’-clean the restrooms of

  • Schools
  • Daycare Centers
  • Churches
  • Post-Construction Sites
  • Showrooms
  • Theaters
  • Banks
  • Country Clubs
  • Commercial
  • Restaurants

•Post Offices Financial Institutions Retail Stores •Factories •Industrial Buildings •Stadiums •Arenas •Sport Facilities •Medical Offices Government Buildings •Military Facilities Hotels •Transportation Company •Airports

If you have a place that did not make to the list, do not worry, call us now and we will not just clean it for you, we will 360-clean.