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Cleanliness Is Important

With the Corona pandemic feeding off of the entire world, a clean and sanitary household environment for you and your family has never been more important. Clean and healthy homes are the best way to prevent the virus from entering your home and wreaking havoc, so proper cleaning is extremely vital for survival these days and that’s where we come in  

Our State of The Art Services

At 360 Floor Cleaning Service, we provide thorough Coronavirus Cleaning Services all across Sandy Springs which will help keep your home become completely disinfected and safe from diseases, especially the Covid-19 virus, all without the hassle and difficulties of doing everything yourself since you can rely on the expertise of our employees.

Our Main Goal

Your satisfaction, as our customer, is our highest priority. We aim to rid your home of all infectious diseases that could cause you any harm in order to ensure the safety of all those around you.

Our Services

Coronavirus Disinfection Services at affordable rates while ensuring that our highly trained cleaning experts deliver to you the best quality Disinfection Services. Our Coronavirus Deep Cleaning Services will ensure deep and thorough cleansing of your home and buildings. We can work in all kinds of buildings, ranging from schools to houses to apartments.

No matter how extensive the requirement, we’ll be right there to carry out your order within the timeframe agreed upon. If you visit our website, you’ll see our multiple range of services of Infectious Disease Cleaning which include floor sealant application, power washing or pressure wash, wall wash down and many more. These services are specifically designed to fully suit your needs and requirements e.g.

If you need your house’s garage cleaned and disinfected, our highly trained cleaning experts are very quick and efficient, wasting less of your valuable time and making sure maximum cleanliness is achieved. Cleaners fluent in that specific area of expertise handpicked during selection and follow your instructions very clearly, making sure what you want cleaned and disinfected is done the right way to your highest level of satisfaction.

Our Areas of Focus

With the Coronavirus pandemic looming over Sandy Springs, Georgia. We’re especially focusing on the disinfection of specific places and systems to play our part in getting rid of this virus, some of which are:

  • Car Dealerships.
  • Public Transportation.
  • Fitness Centers.

Sandy Springs Folks, This is for You!

So if you live in Sandy Springs, Georgia, the United States of America, and you’re having guests over, or you’re hosting a party, or if you just want your place clean and disinfected so that you can rest more easily at night knowing that you’re safe from the virus, then we’re the right fit for you!

How To Contact Us

To contact us you can find our regularly updated quotes on our website and if you require any further information regarding us and our services you can call 404-991-8895 to get a free estimate of our services!

Our Disinfection Services
KILLS 99.9% of The Coronavirus and harmful bacteria
We Use State-of-The-Art Technology Electrostatic Technology and
Hospital Grade Disinfectants To Create a Safer, Healthier Environment
ur Sanitizing & Disinfection Service has been scientifically proven in universities and independent laboratory studies to Kill 99.9% of virus and harmful bacteria.

We Handle all types of commercial Disinfection Services including:

Disinfecting services for Commercial Business, Sandy Springs ,GA
Disinfecting services for Residential Homes, Sandy Springs,GA
Disinfecting Services for industrial plants, Sandy Springs,GA
Disinfecting services for Warehouses, Sandy Springs,GA
Disinfecting services for Manufacturing, Sandy Springs,GA
Disinfecting services Car Dealerships, Sandy Springs ,GA

We use the latest CDC and Government guidelines, and are adequately equipped to handle your facility.

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