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The Preferred Epoxy Floor Coating Services in Metro Atlanta, GA

What Are The Benefits Of Epoxy Floor Coating?

If you’re looking for a preferred floor cleaning and polishing company in Atlanta and the surrounding metro area, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at 360 Floor Cleaning, we specialize in a range of epoxy floor coating and polishing services, perfect for a variety of commercial settings. ​

Beautiful Aesthetics

Even though you operate a commercial business, there’s no reason you can’t create a beautiful environment for your customers and employees. Epoxy floor coatings bring aesthetic enhancements to even the most industrial or commercial locations, allowing you to be proud of the area in which you work.

WNot only that, but once installed, epoxy resins retain their looks and are not easily damaged by UV rays. Your epoxy flooring coating will continue to look splendid for many years to come, long after your initial investment.


Organizations like yours need flooring that can withstand constant, daily use, without becoming fatigued by either footfall, vehicles, or spillages. Our epoxy coatings are specially formulated to resist all three, making it difficult to damage and last a long time. Our epoxy coatings can withstand harsh weathering, and the properties of the surface mean that it is hard to scratch and scuff. With epoxy floor coating, you can punish your flooring without worrying about increasing your maintenance costs in the long run.

High-Impact Strength

Warehouse businesses, schools, restaurants, and others need flooring that can withstand high-speed impacts, whether it’s children dropping items on the floor, machinery rolling over the surface, or workers dropping big tools. The polyurethane in epoxy coatings is a wonder material, absorbing these impacts while simultaneously maintaining the integrity of the underlying flooring and its own appearance. In fact, our epoxy coatings are so durable that they wouldn’t be out of place in places like aircraft hangers or military facilities. They are also excellent in gym facilities

Easy To Sanitise

Do you work in an environment that demands cleanliness in the Atlanta area? If so, then coating your flooring in epoxy resin is precisely the solution you need. Epoxy helps to create a smooth surface on your flooring which not only makes it easier to clean by cleaning operatives but also prevents dirt and bugs from finding strongholds in tiny crevices in the flooring materials. Eliminating dirt and bugs reduces hazards to you, your customers, and your staff, helping to create a better working environment for all.

Who Benefits From Epoxy Floor Coating Services?

If you’re in any of the following environments, you’ll love the incredible benefits of epoxy floor coatings and polishing:

  • Restaurants
  • Commercial buildings
  • Food and beverage outlets
  • Retail stores
  • Warehouse facilities
  • Industrial properties
  • Schools
  • Daycare centers

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